On the Road by the River

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Featuring Addie Harper and the Wick Band:

ADDIE HARPER - Fiddle, Banjo, Hawaiian Guitar
BOBBY COGHILL - Button Accordion
ISOBEL HARPER - Piano & Electric Piano

with Guests

Alastair Gilles - tracks 4 and 15
Lou Grant - track 10

Track Listing
  1. A Tribute to Allan Michael, Patches March, McNeil's March.
  2. The Road by the River.
  3. The Wind that Blew, John Keith Laing.
  4. More than Yesterday.
  5. The Dumfries Polka.
  6. Who at my Door is Standing.
  7. The Edinburgh Caithness Gathering Waltz.
  8. The Maid of the Mill, Keep your feets Still Geordie Hinney, The Primrose and the Daffodil.
  9. John Gunn's Anniversary, Snouts and Ears, Geordie the Roadman, Watten's Welcome to the Queen Mother.
  10. When the Gold in your Hair turns to Silver.
  11. Waterfall 99.
  12. Elaine.
  13. Addie Harper of Wick, The Standing Stones, The Caledonia March.
  14. The Peat Bog, The Lilting Fisherman, The Boys of the Town.
  15. Scotland my Home.
  16. The Crags of Tumbletown Mountain.