Maiden Voyage

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Produced by Bob Macleod and Addie Harper Jn.

Photo at Wick Harbour by John Macrae.

Track Listing
  1. Barn Dance - Balmoral Highlanders, Fraser & Kevin McGlynn
  2. Medley - Donna Macleod, iain Mackay's Welcome to "Hilltop", Donna Gillespie's Reel
  3. Polka - Orv Myre's Polka
  4. Donald MacLeod - The Bridge of Feuch, The Wee Man from Skye
  5. Waltz fir Annella
  6. Strip the Willow - Charles Anderson, Troy's Wedding, David Ross, The Thief of Lochaber
  7. Danns 'an Rathaid (Schottische) - Brochan Lom, Sabhal Iain 'Ic uisdean, M'eudail air do shuilean donna, A mhuillean dhubh
  8. MacLeod's Fancy - Original, I Lost My Love, Heather Hills
  9. Reels - The Kilt is my Delight, Jack Broke the Prison Door, Sleep Soond in 't' Morning, J D Maclennan
  10. Medley - Thoughts of bobby Macleod, Highland Harry, The Sound of Sleat
  11. Gaelic Songs - Crodh-Laoigh nam Bodach, Oran na Maighdean Mhara, Bord Loch a Rog, Fill O' Ro, An Ciaora
  12. Stšndchen Serenade
  13. Grand March - The Garb of Old gaul, The Rocks of Bray, Tom McHale's March
  14. Kathleen Stinson's Choice - Orain Chaluim Sgaire, Fuiligean, The Brolum
  15. Reels - Alison M Coats, Donald Macleod of Moorview, The Oyster Wives' Rant
  16. The Gordons - Robert Wolrige Gordon of Esslemont, Corriechoillie's Welcome to the Northern Meeting, Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle

This album is released on cassette.