The Magnetic Stars of the North

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Featuring the Addie Harper Trio:

ADDIE HARPER - Fiddle, Banjo, Hawaiian Guitar
ADDIE HARPER JN - Fiddle, Accordion, Guitar, Banjo
ISOBEL HARPER - Piano & Electric Piano

with Billy Thom - Drums
Duncan Findlay - Acoustic Guitar
Dougie Stevenson - Pedal Steel Guitar


Track Listing
  1. Jeans Reel - Moving Cloud - Jackie Coleman's Reel
  2. The Covenanters - Sally Across the Sea
  3. Song of the Seashore
  4. The Craighall Jig - Barney O'Neil - The Ballycastle Jig
  5. Bowing the Strings
  6. Ton & Mima's Golden Wedding - Patrick McGovern
  7. Manola
  8. Teddy Bear's Picnic
  9. Archie Menzies - Sally Garden - Duncan Jamison of Carluke - Maggie's Reel
  10. P/M Jim Christie of Wick - John McMillan of Barra
  11. The Addie Harper Jig - Garstairs Dream - The Unshackled Lord of the Hills
  12. Hazel Villa (Waltz)
  13. A Tune for Sheila Hunter - Capt Lachlan McPhail of Tiree
  14. The Atholl Highlanders visit to Edinburgh - 42nd Highlanders Farewell to India
  15. The Acharacle Midgie
  16. A Man's a Man for A' That - Scots Wha' Hae - Auld Lang Syne
  17. Donald Iain Rankine - The High Level

This album is released on CD and cassette and was originally released by Scotdisc (Country House) as KBGC343.