Addie's First Music Book

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About the Tunes

A Tune for Sheila Hunter

Sheila comes from Broughton, Lanarkshire. She loves Scottish music especially a good going barn dance. One night at the Kestrel, Balerno, I played this newly composed tune to Sheila. Out of the listeners gathered around, one asked "What is the name of that tune?" I did not have a name at that moment so I just said, "That's a tune for Sheila Hunter". That is the name it got from then on.

Alistair McCallum of Cairndow

Composed for Alistair McCallum of Clachan Farm, Cairndow, Argyll.

Andrew Manuel Harper

For my son Andrew who likes to be called Addie. As a matter of interest my own name is Andrew but as far back as I can remember everyone called me Addie.

Billy McMorran's Crook

Composed in 1973 for Billy McMorran from Daer, Dumfrieshire, who presented me with a very special crook. Often at nights I take a stroll with my dog "Rusky" and with both dog and crook, be it summer or winter, one cannot help but feel at peace with the world.

Bonnie Anne of Islay

Well known as a song.

Bonnie Lassie, Bonnie Anne,
Fairest lass in a' this land.
She has won this heart of mine,
With her charm and beauty.

She's the lass from Islay's shore,
Where the beating billow's roar.
She's the lass that I adore.
Bonnie Anne of Islay.

Dick and Ivy Sinclair of Edinburgh

This is another of Addie Jn.'s compositions. Dick and Ivy are a marvellous couple who attend our dances all over Scotland and England. They never started dancing until this last few years but now there's no stopping them. They are always first on the floor for dances such as the "Highland Schottische", "Canadian Barn Dance", "Baden Powell", etc.

Donald B McTaggart

"Mystery Mac" as he was widely known. Writes some very good song lyrics, also plays an instrument. Never wanted his identitiy known. Perhaps some day he will, then nobody would believe him.

Dorothy Leurs Jig

Composed for Dorothy Leurs who plays a very important part in the Edinburgh Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.

HRH Princess Alexandra's Welcome to Wick

Composed in 1970 when Princess Alexandra visited Wick to perform the launching ceremony of the Wick Lifeboat "Princess Marina".

In Memory of Rusky

"Rusky" was my dog and friend for sixteen years. When I went on holiday "Rusky" came on holiday too. When this tune is played I seem to see him very clear. Anyone who has loved a dog will understand exactly what I mean.

Isobel's Mother's Birthday

Isobel has played the piano along with me for many years now. A few months ago she told me it was her mother's birthday. I wrote this tune specially for the occasion.

John Gunn's Anniversary

Composed for the wedding aniversary of my friend and drummer for many years.

John Keith Laing

This lively reel was composed for the son of Bryce Laing of Craighall Recording Studios, Edinburgh.

Joyce Reay

This tune is very suitable for the Spanish Waltz which is very popular in the north of England and the Borders. Written in 1972 for Joyce Reay of Bardon Mill, Northumberland.

Manola's Reel

Composed for my wife Manola who came from La Coruņa, Spain. Anyone who has known Manola will know how fitting this tune is with its definite sparkling rhythm.

Patches March

This tune I named after my fiddle which was made by Donald Riddel of Inverness in 1959. It was one of the early fiddles made by Donald and being made from a very special old piece of wood which had a few blemishes, it required to have four small pieces of wood inlaid. With great skill and patience Donald completed the job and proudly named this great fiddle "Patches".

Requerdos de la Coruņa (Memories of La Coruņa)

The only continental style waltz in this book. Composed after a holiday to La Coruņa in north west Spain. Coruņa is a wonderful city with wonderful people where a Scotsman can always feel at home. No doubt many will know the history of the Battle of Coruņa where General Sir John Moore died.

Ronald M Wink

Composed for my friend, Ronnie of Parkmore Distillery, Dufftown.

RWM George D Galleitch

Written specially for George Galleitch of Keiss, Caithness.

The Atholl Highalnders Visit to Edinburgh 1971

Written to comemorate the occasion when Scotland's only Private Army visited Edinburgh.

The Battle of Altimarlach

Altimarlach lies about two miles up the Wick River. In the year 1680 a vicious battle took place there between the Sinclairs and the Campbells. To mark the spot a cross was erected in 1901. However, there is another story about Altimarlach. In the early days of the war (1940) I was watching three aeroplanes (Blackburn Skuas) flying in close formation when suddenly one dived to the ground crashing right at the foot of the Altimarlach Cross. Both pilot and navigator survived. I wonder if they are still alive today.

The Colvins of Heatherdene - by Addie Harper Junior

Composed by my son Addie Harper, Jr. for Mr. & Mrs. Colivin who live across the road.

The Night at Glenzier

I composed this one after we played at a very lively dance at Glenzier, near Canonbie.

The Seven Stars

When looking at the starry sky on a clear frosty night it's nice to look for the Seven Sisters. I think of being shown them by my father when I was a boy.

The Water Lily Pond - by Robert George Harper

I have included this attractive waltz tune composed by my brother Robert George Harper. He wrote it many years ago when he left Stirkoke. The Lily Pond was a beauty spot in the Stirkoke Woods on the estate of the late General Lord Horne.

Watten's Welcome to the Queen Mother

Written in 1974 when the Queen Mother performed the opening ceremony of the Watten Hall.